Recommended Route Magomejyuku - Tsumagojyuku walk route


6:50 Departs Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 11:22 Arrives at Magome bus terminal

After getting off the highway bus, open the iron fence at Misaka parking area. There is a road connected to Magomejyuku, walk by following instructions. If arriving at night, it is hard to see instructions. We recommend arriving at day time!

12:50 Arrive in Magomejyuku 13:00 Lunch time

If you plan to eat lunch in Magomejyuku, Soba noodles and Goheimochi(Traditional rice cake stick) are recommended!

Enter the stone-paved road with traditional souvenir shop and historical Japanese hotels a side.

There are over 50 souvenir shops, restaurants and historical Japanese hotels in 600m of Magomejyuku.

You get to see water mill as soon as start walking Magomejyuku.

Water mill is a mini power plant.

After passing by the water mill and walking up the stairs, there is the world of the olden days post-station town.

It is a steep slope but do your best!

The middle of Magomejyuku has nostalgic post office and is famous for good photo spot. The post office is old, but it is still used as it was before. You can send a letter here to yourself for a trip memory!

There is the outlook square which is built on the former war camp for Ieyasu Tokugawa who was the first Shogun of Edo era which lasted 200 years. When it’s sunny day time, you may get to see Nakatsugawa, Ena area, and in night you may get to see the beautiful night view.

17:00 Hotel check in


9:30 Hotel check out Move from Magomejyuku to Tsumagojyuku.

After going over the Magome hill will be heading to the Tsumago area!

You will enter the mountain and start to go down it. Enjoy the relaxing time in the forest!

On the way, there is two waterfalls. The wider one is called "the man waterfall" (Odaki), and the other one in the back is called "the woman waterfall" (Medaki). Enjoy the nature by feeling the mist from the waterfall.

Magomejyuku and Tsumagojyuku area can enjoy in every four seasons. In spring cherry blossom and new green leaves are beautiful, fresh air and forest walking is wonderful in summer, and you can enjoy both ancient town and beautiful autumn leaves in fall.

12:30 Arrive in Tsumagojyuku Lunch time

Tsumagojyuku sightseeing

Tsumagojyuku has the beautiful historical town scenery like Magomejyuku. However, Tsumagojyuku is more like a local town than Magomejyuku. There are many old houses in 500m.

Enjoy going around the traditional Japanese hotels and other buildings.

At the end of Tsumagojyuku has a unique stone called "the carp stone" It used to be one of the three most famous stone in Nakasendo but it changed its shape because of the earthquake in 1891. Imagine it looks like the carp or not!

Enjoy the traditional local Japanese town in Tsumagojyuku!

15:30 Move to Magomejyuku from Tsumagojyuku
* There are buses to go back so if anybody is tired to walk, we recommend using it.

18:33 Departs Tsumago bus terminal 22:50 Arrives Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

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